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Do you want your narrative to
be more like 
oh the places you'll go 
Gone with the wind?

ALETHIA LYRIOTAKIS, born and raised in New York City but living in Western Europe for 25 years, I am a multicultural melting pot of experiences and interests.


I am a great listener and love to ask questions.


Since you are here reading this, I can only ask you some questions.

If you are interested in getting me to listen, you can click on the box below and set up a free discovery call. 



I help entrepreneurs leverage their business ideas through funding and growth. I am their creative partner for strategic marketing plans and implementation.

I help unlock clarity through listening, questioning, and challenging entrepreneurs into uncovering the best version of their business and accompany them as they go forward. 

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.


20 years+ experience in the telecommunications, IT, VC, finance, real estate, and hotel sectors.

  • Former Business Development Manager for Timetobuy, the first French interactive agency sold to Netboost.
    Responsible for pan-European business analysis  & investor pitch Participated in their second successful round table funding in 2000.

  • Former Head of Unit, European Investment Fund.

  • Former Administrator, Marketing & Business Development Manager for Clyovi SA. & Group Beraich Hostelera, Lenitz Inmobiliaria

  • Current Startup mentor for Faster Capital


  • Lifetime Member of the International Society of Female Professionals 

  • Former mentor for Fundación Mujeres (Madrid)

  • Current Torchbearer Volunteer Consultant for New York University

It is that which makes you different, what makes your business different that we can leverage together.




There are a whole bunch of ways, but it all starts with your WHY.


WHY are you doing what you are doing?


The WHAT and HOW are important but they are not the reason why you will sell more, increase your brand authority, find financing solutions, and make sure to stand out from the crowd. 

You like going to the movies, right?

I'll assume for the sake of this one-sided conversation that, YES.

What draws you in? Why do you choose one movie over another?


What else?



Is this making a bit more sense for you right now?



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102 route d'Arlon
L-8210  Mamer