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Jack of all trades, Master of None

We are all specialists in our own right.

When you start a company and are not from a sales and marketing background, this is not something you can invent overnight.

It is something that you need to learn and put into practice.

@commsanalyst can help you declutter, strategize, forge partnerships, develop your network, prepare for a pitch, rethink your branding, implement strategic marketing plans.

Alethia, founder of @commsanalyst is also an independent mentor for the tech online incubator, Faster Capital

Whether you need @commsanalyst's startup advisory services for your business development or are interested in proposing a project for funding to Faster Capital, make sure to press the contact button above and sign up for your free discovery call.

@commanalyst believes that entrepreneurs and startups are the backbones of international growth

  • Investor presentation preparation

  • Competitive Market analysis

  • Product-market fit

  • Support with MVP development

  • Financial sourcing: crowdfunding campaigns, venture capital.

  • Strategic partner sourcing

  • Communication strategy and implementation

  • Press relations 

  • Branding 

  • Content creation and multichannel digital management

  • Assisting in recruiting talent

  • In-house communication executive accompaniment and training

  • Sourcing relevant partners to execute

  • Supporting existing internal team

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