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For StartUps who want to do more than just StartUp.




@commsanalyst is a strategic digital marketing, growth & PR agency. 

We help entrepreneurs & SMBs navigate their digital transformation, tell their story,  support their growth, and support them to 
STAND OUT in what is a very global, competitive, and noisy digital space.


It all starts with building your STRATEGY and aligning
recommendations with your business needs, objectives, industry, and trends.

@commsanalyst ONLY recommends and executes what MAKES SENSE for your business.  


@commsanalyst challenges your assumptions to deliver the BEST version of your business to clients.




our services



Content Marketing

Content is everywhere.
We can't escape it.
Website content, blogs, social media posts, videos.
It's hard to keep up with the constant need to create. You are lacking time... and resources.

We can help you with that.

Luxembourg -Startup-advisory-mentor.jpg

Virtual CMO

In need of a marketing specialist for your company?
If you need to take action now and don't have the time or resources to dedicate to finding a permanent CMO for your business. 


Media Relations

PR is the cherry on the cake.
If others want to say great stuff about you, who should stop them? The question to get them to want to do this? If you're interested, we can help.

Social Media training

A la carte

Grappling with social media algorithms, poor Google rankings? Need a hand with content creation or how to create lead magnets for online campaigns?

our values


@Commanalyst, based in Luxembourg and servicing clients in both the Greater Region and remotely, specializes in supporting entrepreneurs and startups whose values are in accordance with our core pillars:

  • Sustainability

  • Digital Innovation

  • Social Inclusion


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